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Preparatory: Kindergarten - 5th grade


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Fifth Grade



The approach to teaching at SOECA is rooted in Christian principles, fused with research-based educational standards and practices. The application of Christian principles is supported academically by the nationally recognized Abeka® curriculum. Abeka, a practical and comprehensive Christian curriculum, has been developed and refined for over 50 years and provides structure when needed but also allows teachers the freedom to bring their own expression of creativity to the classroom. The Abeka curriculum empowers teachers to focus on providing additional enrichment for students who learn quickly and support for those who face academic challenges. Abeka identifies goals in six major areas of development including Bible, Mathematics, Science/Health, Language Arts, History/Social Studies, and Reading.

Now, more than ever, each student needs a strong foundation in both academics and character. Abeka provides a comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective, giving students a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. In addition to the Abeka curriculum, students learn through Technology, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Foreign Language. Bible activities and the Virtue Word of the Week are also reinforced daily during classroom activities.   

standardized testing - iowa assessment

Kindergarten through fifth grade students take the IOWA Assessment each spring. The IOWA Assessment is an evidence-based assessment that measures student achievement and growth against next-generation learning standards. The newest norms offer the most up-to-date national comparisons of student performance.