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Why choose Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy?


Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school which exists to honor Jesus Christ by providing quality care for our very young children in a nurturing environment and by teaching our budding scholars to live biblically through the education of mind, body and spirit with a Christian worldview also in a nurturing environment.  As such, we believe strongly that the education and care offered at Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy helps prepare your child spiritually as they matriculate through our school, for college, and for life.  
Up through high school, your child will spend about 16,000 hours in a respective classroom. Where do you want your child to spend that time?  Even at a very young age, wouldn’t you want all of your child’s teachers to have the same values and belief system that you do? Do you want biblical principles to be incorporated into your child’s curriculum? Do you want your child to pray and be led in prayer?  

There is no such thing as a “value neutral” education. Gordon Clark, a Christian philosopher and theologian, said, “The school system that ignores God teaches its pupils to ignore God.”  Also, Frederick Douglass, African-American statesman who, having escaped from slavery, became a leader of the abolitionist movement and campaigned throughout his life for equality of all people regardless of background, stated that “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”   

With our God’s help, we have created a place whereby children of all hues, colors, and creeds receive care, concern, and curricular activities in a child-centric environment.  While no school is perfect, SOECA is an authentic Christian school that provides numerous spiritual, academic, and social benefits which will pay dividends for life and eternity.  SOECA is blessed to partner with families in Christian Education and will remain committed to doing so.  Thank you!

Serving Alongside You, 
Eugene Wallace Jr., PhD
Head of School

Dr. Eugene Wallace

Head of School


Phone: 678-426-5560