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Accessibility Statement for Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy

At Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy (SOECA), we are dedicated to ensuring that our website is accessible and user-friendly for all visitors. Our goal is to create an inclusive online environment that welcomes everyone and provides a rewarding experience.

Our Approach: To achieve accessibility, we have partnered with a current school site host that prioritizes ADA compliance. This includes features such as contrasting colors, appropriate text ratios, overlays, font sizes, and more. These measures align with the guidelines for enhancing web content accessibility for individuals with disabilities, while also enhancing usability for all users.

Our Progress: We have invested significant effort into optimizing the Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy website for accessibility, and we are confident that we have successfully met our objective. Regular website monitoring ensures that we sustain this level of accessibility. However, if you encounter any difficulties or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Share Your Feedback: Whether your experience on the Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy website was seamless or encountered challenges, we value your feedback. Feel free to reach out through any of the following channels:

Phone: 678-426-5560
Statement Source: This accessibility statement was crafted on August 14, 2023, utilizing the Accessibility Statement Generator developed by Nomensa.

Thank you for being a part of Seeds of Excellence Christian Academy's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Your input helps us continuously improve our online presence.