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Scholarships & Financial Aid


Childcare and family services (CAPS)

The CAPS program supports early education goals by assisting low-income families with the cost of childcare while they work, go to school or training, or participate in other work-related activities.

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Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (SB10)

Under a state law passed by the Georgia State Legislature in 2007, parents of students who receive special education services may request to transfer their child to another public or private school in Georgia provided that their child has an IEP and has been enrolled for a full academic year in a Georgia public school.

Parents who are interested in transferring their child to a private school in Georgia may be able to take advantage of a Georgia Special Needs Scholarship.  These scholarships provide funding that can be used to offset tuition costs at participating private schools in the state of Georgia.  For more information on the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship and the application process, please visit the Georgia Department of Education's website.

Parents may request a transfer to a SOECA and the application will be reviewed to confirm the school has a program with the services in the student’s existing individualized education program (IEP); and acceptance will depend on whether the setting is appropriate for the student’s needs.

Pay it Forward Scholarships provides scholarships for private pre-K through 12th grade students to attend any accredited private school in Georgia. Their mission is to give parents the freedom to choose the best educational environment for their child.